Company Name Grapac Japan Co., Inc.
Founded 1925
Representative Yoshihide Yumoto
Business Outline ・Image Technology
・Paper Product・An OEM Product
・Products of Digital Contents, Development, Manufacture, Sale
Manufacturing and sales for the materials of 3D printing. HALS」
Printing that moves smoothly. Wedys」
Corporate Philosophy Our philosophy is to contribute to customer satisfaction by providing graphic resources and HALS (3D printing material). We make an effort to develop new business field thorough the international specialization.

「International specialization, Safe and Security, and further prosperity of“Made in Japan”」

We have recreated various technologies from the viewpoint of international specializaion and we have been making an effort to enhance the prosperity of “Made in Japan”. Hence, we developed / announced HALS technology, which is a material for 3D printing.We have already acquired a number of international patents for HALS® technology, and we have been exporting HALS to more than 30 countries. The usage of HALS® is expanding, such as HALS® package for counterfeit protection.Our company has history of over 80 years. We are sensitive to the demand of present age with proud of our tradition and we will make an effort to meet customer’s various kinds of expectation.Thank you very much.

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