Explanation of Wedys


Wedys is printing technology that applies our original graphical technology to micro lens array, and a lump of image smoothly follows and moves by changing of viewing angle. (Wedys = WhichEver Direction You See: Registered Trademark)
For instance, if you apply it to eyes of figure painting in the poster, it is possible to express that gaze of figure painting follows and moves according to the movement of peoples who are passing the poster.


In case of using conventional technology of Lenticular, it is not possible to express smooth movement, when you change the viewpoint, though it is possible to express movement of changing image.
Wedys makes it possible to express smooth movement by using applied technology of HALS, which is the material for 3D printing based on the Theory of the Moire Phenomenon.
Therefore it is quite different from changing, and it is International Patent Pending.


Glassless, Non-electric source, Maintenance free
Smooth movement without jumping image when you change your viewpoint It is possible to move to both direction (Forward direction and Reverse direction)


Sell over Internet of standardized parts such as special images for person’s eyes or arrow for indication the proper direction, which is performing a function at full efficiency of Wedys.
Sale of Custom-made Wedys parts, which is designed by customer.


Wedys debuted at “IGAS 2011”, which was held on September 16, 2011.
Grapac Japan will exhibit Wedys at drupa 2012 (print media messe world market print, media, publishing & converting), which will be held from May 03 to May 16, 2012 in Dusseldorf, Germany.