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Your products change with surprising swiftness, Wedys makes it possible to get everybody’s attention.

Features of Wedys eye-REAL-
  • ・We are imaging “Real Human eyes”.
  • ・Eyeball portion is created with depth.
●The more you buy, the less you pay per one pack.
:Price per 1 pack
(Left eye:100 pcs. Right eye:100 pcs.
Total 200 pcs.)
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We have prepared Wedys EYE as follows, which everyone can purchase easily. (Sample Set : 10 kinds of Wedys eye)

Matter to be attended to ;
  • ※Underside of Wedys is not processed for adhering, please use a double-adhesive tape.
    ※Colored adhesive and a adhesive which is caused whitening are not suitable for pasting Wedys.
Wedys eye -REAL-
Product Code large:WE075-22R
Product Name Wedys eye -REAL-
Product Size large:W25mm x H22mm medium:W25mm x H11mm small:W16.5mm x H7.4mm
(per 1 pack)
Left eye:100pcs.
Right eye:100pcs.
Gross Weight large:70g / medium:40g / small:30g
Materials APET
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All [1] the currently displayed items [1 - 1]